Magnesita’s experience and track record in the cement industry is unmatched. We supply refractory products and services in over 70 countries with product installed in over 800 kilns each year. By combining the highest quality refractory products with the deepest technical expertise, we continually deliver tailored refractory solutions that are proven to increase reliability and enhance performance while reducing the total cost of operation for our cement industry customers.

A Unique Combination of Product Quality and Depth

Selecting only premium-grade raw materials from our own mines enables Magnesita to offer the highest quality and the most comprehensive line of refractory products for the cement industry. These products include magnesia–spinel, dolomite, doloma–magnesia, magnesia– chrome, high alumina, fireclay, castables and other refractories.

A Technical Team of Industry Insiders

With many former cement operations professionals on staff, our dedicated team of technical experts brings a unique understanding of the global cement industry. Their collective experience spans every aspect of cement refractory from refractory applications and kiln thermal profile analysis, to kiln mineralogical phase analysis, computer modeling, design and engineering, to refractory installation. That deep expertise results in smarter recommendations, stronger partnerships and greater value for our clients.

Tailored Product Recommendations, Better Refractory Performance

Magnesita performs a detailed technical study for every customer to deliver tailored product recommendations. These comprehensive studies consider all chemical, physical and mechanical phenomena and the use of alternative fuels. They contain process and chemical analyses and post mortem studies to uncover the root cause of wear mechanism and ensure optimal refractory performance for each kiln operation.

Greenfield Project Management

Magnesita offers all required refractory products and services for a complete Greenfield project and has been the full-line supplier to over 40 recent projects.