Aluminum Producing Industries

Magnesita supplies refractory materials for equipment of the aluminum producing industries, from refineries up to integrated and non-integrated plants. These refractory materials are used to line calcinations units and other refinery equipment such as anode baking furnaces, molten aluminum transportation equipment, smelting furnaces and aluminum refining.

For more than 50 years, Magnesita has been developing new products for all equipment units used in the aluminum industry. Furthermore it provides technical support services for customers with performance follow up which facilitates improved operational results such as reduced refractory installation time, reduced refractory consumption and product quality improvement.


Lead producing Industries

Magnesita is widely known throughout the world as a large producer of basic refractory materials, among other things because it is the owner of exceptional quality magnesite reserves. It developed, from the beginning of its activities, a line of refractory chrome-magnesia products with quality recognized all over the world.

The chrome-magnesia refractory materials are precisely the most frequently used to line furnaces of lead producing industries. And, among these furnaces, the most modern ones are lined with chrome-magnesia products developed by Magnesita’s Research and Development Center.


Copper Producing Industries

Magnesita is a long term supplier of refractory materials for the copper industry, including Flash Smelting Furnaces, Converters, Refining Furnaces, Rotating Furnaces, among others.

Magnesita has its own deposits of high purity magnesite and chromite (very high quality due to the low iron content), and utilizes them to manufacture a full line of mag-chrome refractory bricks that deliver world class performance.


Nickel Producing Industries

The nickel industry has been advancing on a large scale due to the continuous development of stainless steels, present in homes of the entire world. Magnesita has contributed with project improvements, promoting longer durability and less refractory material consumption for nickel producing equipment units, whether in production through pyrometallurgy or through hydrometallurgy (Lixiviation).

Specific products and special refractory materials

High purity magnesite refractory products, originating from its own deposits, and high quality graphite have resulted in product development based on MgO and MgO-C specifically for the nickel industry, both for the Reduction Furnaces as well as electric furnaces and ladles. Products based on Al203-Cr203 with electro-cast grains were developed for areas subject to water infiltration, a phenomenon that can possibly occur as the shell gets older over time, with weld deterioration and accidental cooling water penetration. This product solution has prevented the premature stoppage of reduction furnaces in many cases, due to the lack of hydration of these products. Products based on Al203-C-SiC, specifically developed for the Fe-Ni industry have been getting exceptional results for the reduction furnace channel plugging, minimizing maintenance interruptions and making equipment available for more production.

Following technological development with the intensification of pre-reduction in rotating furnaces, special refractory concrete types with high resistance to CO attack and very high resistances to abrasion have been developed, either for rotating furnaces coated only with refractory concrete, or for furnaces balanced with alumina silicate bricks, which has promoted ever longer campaigns.


Zinc Producing Industries

Magnesita is dedicated to the production and marketing of high quality refractory products developed for equipment used in the zinc production process, such as the roasting furnace, zinc oxide furnaces, induction furnaces and molten zinc transportation ladles. Pressed alumina products and alumina refractory concretes are some of the products developed by Magnesita for the zinc industry