Lime Industry

Magnesita is a long term supplier of refractory materials for vertical shaft and rotary lime kilns, as well as peripheral equipment such as preheaters and coolers. Furthermore it has the complete line of materials:
basic, alumina, silica-alumina, masses and concrete.

Besides product quality, Magnesita works with process improvements, targeting gains in performance and stability. The Technical Support Department provides support in defining the best products, the best techniques for using refractory products, and undertakes thermal studies aimed at improving the quality of the lime produced and reducing the heat losses in the kiln equipment.

The Research and Development Center provides refractory solutions adapted to the specific conditions of each customer, taking into account their operational variables and their process requirements.

Paper and Cellulose

Paper and Cellulose Industry

Magnesita is a long term supplier of refractory products for boilers, lime kilns and all other equipment lined with refractory material in the paper and cellulose industry. During the last 50 years, Magnesita has not only introduced new refractory products, but also alterations in coating projects.

Coating campaigns and refractory application works are being continuously improved over time. This is due to the service and technical support provided to customers by a specialized technical team in the production area as well as in the project area. The technical assistants have the support of technicians in the use and engineering of refractory materials.

Specific solutions

Magnesita’s Research and Development Center introduces new refractory products adapted to the specific conditions of each customer, taking into account their operational variables and process requirements.


Petrochemical Industry

Magnesita’s refractory products were developed and approved for the Petrochemical Industry in virtue of their high performance and for the technical support provided by its technical team. Ease of use and resistance to abrasion are, among others, important product characteristics achieved and maintained thanks to effective process and quality control in Magnesita’s production facilities.

Currently, Magnesita is working to further reduce the time for curing, drying and heating of refractory concretes; targeting a reduction of down time for refractory maintenance in refineries.

Technical Support

The follow up of the performance of Magnesita’s refractory materials is constantly done by the technical support team. Furthermore, Magnesita’s technicians and customers carry out joint evaluations, including the study of all operational variables in refineries. To analyze future perspectives and needs related to new products, Magnesita promotes meetings between its Research and Technical Support team and employees of the refineries.


Glass Producing Industries

Magnesita has supplied refractory materials for glass producing furnaces and also for large furnaces for flat glass since 1950. Its basic refractory line has an excellent performance in regenerating chambers, in walls and piling activities, and is exported to companies around the world. For all furnaces of the glass industry, its alumina and silica-alumina refractory products serve with high performance in the coating of regenerating chambers, channels and