Refractory Maintenance

Magnesita has developed extensive experience in refractory maintenance within steel shops and reduction areas of large steel producing plants. Magnesita's maintenance expertise covers the following equipment areas:

Technical support and development

Magnesita provides technical service through its technical support and development team, composed of high level engineers and technicians that work full time in search of innovative technologies. They aim at providing the customer with innovative new solutions that seek to lengthen the campaign and to improve equipment availability to increased production and lower costs.

Management Supervision

Magnesita also provides complete management of professional staff, from recruitment and hiring, through training programs and integration. Technical training with focus on professional development followed by an effective management system focused on results.

Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Services

Magnesita has extensive experience in providing Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Services to the iron and steel, mining, cellulose and capital goods industries. Magnesita’s Maintenance Service contracts can be structured in a variety of ways in accordance with each customer’s needs, such as:

  • Overall price
  • Man / hour price
  • Unit price
  • Price based on performance.

Maintenance processes and systems involved

Most contracts involve inspection, planning, programming, implementation of maintenance services and monitoring of the Key Performance Indicators - KPIs. Magnesita’s on-site maintenance personnel are fully supported by a Maintenance Engineering team, devoted exclusively to promoting contract improvements via better methods and equipment to minimize risks and maximize productivity. Magnesita operates through various maintenance systems depending on the needs of each client, including SAP, Sigma, Sismana and Maximus. Maintenance of refractory material production units is also carried out using the PM module of SAP with all its functions, managing the entire maintenance chain with inspection, planning, scheduling, execution and follow up of maintenance performance indicators.