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T3 International has signed and exclusivity agreement with one of the largest building materials industrial enterprises in China. Our supplier is a key player in the Chinese national building materials industry with more than 30 years experience in the local market. Our goal is to help our supplier go beyond their local market and reach new markets worldwide. T3 International is in charge of marketing, selling and negotiating on behalf of our supplier insuring a smooth transition between buyers and our group.

Our supplier group consists of 3 major plants that are principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of building materials. Its major products include Portland cement and Clinker. All of our plants have their own quality control dept with the state of the art machinery imported from Switzerland, Italy and the USA. The manufacturing plants are equipped with a rotary Kiln, 5 stage cyclone pre-heater and a roller presser system with a clinker output reaching 5 Million MT and a cement output reaching 8 Million MT per year for all 3 plants combined.

Logistics and transportation is a key element in keeping prices down and giving our clients the competitive advantage they deserve. With two advanced cement bulk lines, our bulk loading capacity reaches beyond 300 Tons per hour. Our supplier owns a loading port along with 30 boats with a loading capacity of 1500 tons each, insuring fast delivery and approximately 20-30 days lead time for all orders.

Quality is very important to us; therefore, we conduct internal quality control check that starts from the quarry to final pack. The whole production process accords with our strict internal quality index, which is stricter than GB standards. All of our plants have excellent staff, internal audit teams and hold internal quality and management meetings on a regular basis in order to keep improving our quality management system and supply our clients with an excellent quality product. Due to the factory excellent reputation of quality, its cement and clinker products earned an exemption for quality inspection nationwide. The factory is ISO9001:200 certified and all cement and clinker produce meets the GB standards.

We, at T3 International, look forward to working with you and your group, so please let us know if you have any questions or require any assistance.



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