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Jordan Modern Food Industrial Company was formed to serve the olive oil sector in Jordan by modernizing ancient methods of collection, extraction, preservation and packaging of the olive oil to bring this traditionally blessed creation to the Global Market. T3 International is promoting and introducing this fine product to the North and South American markets.

To insure perfectly hygienic products, we are utilizing a fully automated filling line for tins with volumes of 2, 2.7, 4 Liters and 16 kg, with an output of about 2 tons per hour. The bottling line consists of fully automated machines with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour. Since Olive Oil is a very delicate substance as far as aroma, flavor and ingredients, the bottles are sprayed with sterilized air prior to filling. Oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen so as to maintain the quality fragrance and color of the oil throughout the year by preventing any reaction between the olive oil and the ambient air.

Within 10 hours of olives being harvested by hand, the olives are crushed with traditional granite stones after which thousands of stainless steel blades penetrate the olive paste slowly and continuously. The oil drops down due to the force of gravity, each time the blades emerge from the paste they bring with them a small quantity of very pure golden yellow oil with olive green reflection, which drips off and is collected thus not undergoing the aggressive and brutish extraction process, consequently preserving the natural harmony between fragrance and taste. In this way there is no agitation or press of the oil. The oil obtained has the absolute highest quality with a remarkable sweet and smooth taste, also containing a higher amount of polyphenols and vitamins along with very low acidity. The result of this revolutionary process “Sinolea” is an oil of great delicacy and quality. The sinolea method extracts about 50% of the oil in the paste, so the remaining paste is passed thru machines operated on low temperature in order to enhance the quality of the oil retaining not only the sensitive aromatic properties, but also the natural antioxidants and nutrients which are often diminished by elevated temperatures.

There is just a subtle difference between great olives and merely good ones. This is reflected by the age of the tree and the time of harvest. Our oils are made of old olive trees that are harvested in late October or early November, while the olives are still half green. Olive at this stage of ripeness produces oil with a green color and intense flavor s. Early harvested oils have extraordinary structure hence the ability to withstand the four enemies of olive oil: age, heat, light and air. Consequently “Terra Rossa” olive oils hold up much better after opening, maintaining their fresh aromas and flavors.

Jordan has been a producer of the olive and its oil for many generations dating back to biblical times; we have only begun bottling and exporting a few years ago. So we decided to do that while working with strict international standards, and by exporting only the best quality produced. So we only export 100% extra virgin olive oil, some producers blend virgin with extra virgin in order to reduce the acidity level, others call their oil 100% pure olive oil which means that it is a chemically treated olive oil. In the USA market you might have a lot of brands from Italy and Spain but only few of those brands are truly extra virgin. In Europe this grade of oil is tested chemically and also by panel tasting, which means it shouldn’t have any defects at all in its chemical analysis, taste and aroma. If it has even a slight defect in its aroma it will automatically drop to the lower grade of oil which is virgin. Our products found great success in Italy, France, and Belgium due to its quality, price and most of all to people desire to try something new.

The difference in taste can appear from the difference in the variety of the olives, the age of the tree and the difference in the soil where the tree is planted, so professional tasters can differentiate between Tuscan, Sicilian, Spanish, etc…. oils by the unique characteristics of each region. Now Jordanian oil also has a very unique taste different than the 2 countries mentioned above, due to the difference in soil and the amount of rainfall, in certain cases the reduced amount of rainfall elevates the fruits polyphenols (antioxidants) content, which is considered a positive attribute



The Olive Oil Collection
This product is from the Jordan Food Industrial Company.


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Image of how the Olive Oil product is shipped.