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T3 International Inc. seeks the best Granite and Marble in the world formed a joint venture with Virtucom granite. The mining company is located in Brazil and has been extracting granite blocks for over ten years, with an annual production of over 9,000 cubic meters.

The mining sites are located in western of Minas Gerais state, where it produces many colors of granites. A gang saw facility which is equipped with the state of the art equipment for cutting granite blocks in slabs is located in the western region of Minas Gerais and São Paulo states. It produces almost 72,000 square feet of excellent quality of granite slabs.

The company not only offers more than 50 different types of stone but also offers different kinds of finishing, using Italianism, polishing technology. VirtuCom is able to provide from honed to resin stones in tiles or slabs in significant quantity and competitive prices. Some materials are resin, to protect from water, oils and other fluids and also to give the material 15 % more brightness. We can also fabricate all kind of cut-to-size pieces for construction projects, such as counter-tops, vanities, table-tops, etc., with the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. Our production facilities have the experience and the state of the art equipment to tailor to any project.