T3 International Chemical division is an important and key division in T3 international business and future outlook. Our Strategy is simple and straight forward. We team up with the best and most reliable chemical companies in the world and offer our clients the best raw materials at the most economical prices. When choosing a chemical partner, Quality and prompt delivery is a must. From the start, our goal has been and will always be to settle only for the best.

Oleochemicals are chemicals derived from plant and animal fats. As a result of our experience and activities in supplying Palm oil, and since Oleochemicals are derived from palm oil, T3 Oleo chemical division was born.

In conjunction with leading producers in East Asia, T3 once again was able to offer its client in the ME and Europe with quality raw materials at competitive prices.  Currently T3 International is offering oleochemicals to the household & personal care industries.

Please see below a list of the raw materials that we supply:

  • Fatty Acids
  • Glycerine
  • Soap Noodles
  • Alkanolamides
  • Ethylene Bis-Stearaminde (EBS)
  • Fatty Alcohols
  • Fractionated Methyl Esters
  • Fatty Esters
  • Methyl Ester Sulfonates ( MES)
  • Anionic Surfactants
  • Cationic Surfactants
  • Nonionic Surfactants
  • Amines
  • Dimethylacetamide